• Election to NAASR Executive Committee

    Last weekend, at the annual meeting of NAASR/AAR, I was elected to the Executive Committee of the North American Association for the Study of Religion, an organization that emphasizes "historical, critical, and social scientific approaches to the study of religion, as well as a relentlessly reflexive critique of the theories, methods, and categories used in such study." Excited to be on board!

  • In honor of Jonathan Z. Smith

    I am thrilled to be presenting at the 2018 NAASR/AAR annual meeting this weekend on a panel honoring the greatest scholar of religion of his generation, Jonathan Z. Smith. I am speaking about what I have learned from his commitment to generalism--particularly relevant at a historical moment when more and more of us are asked to take on broader and broader teaching commitments.

    It is truly an honor to pay tribute to the man who, more than any other, has influenced the way I think about the study of religion and its teaching. 

  • Public lecture at the University of Chicago on Monday

    I am giving a public lecture at the University of Chicago on Monday at 4.30pm, in the Common Room on the first floor of Swift Hall (5801 S Ellis Ave.): “Australian Aborigines, the French Revolution, and the Niqab Ban: Durkheim’s Ambivalence About Symbols and its Legacy For Theorizing Religion in Contemporary Politics."

    I would be thrilled to have you there.

  • Mark your calendars: Political Theology Roundtable

    I will be participating in a roundtable on the meaning of 'political theology' at Loyola on Thursday, February 22, at 6pm. The roundtable is in honor of Florian Klug's visit to Chicago; also participating will be Adam Kotsko and Colby Dickinson.

  • _Images of Sovereignty_ to be published with Cambridge University Press in 2019

    I have just heard from my wonderful colleagues in Leuven that Cambridge has agreed to publish papers (including my keynote and the other keynotes) from last summer's Leuven conference. Looking forward to the chance to expand on my argument--and, more importantly, to seeing the issue of that very productive conference!

  • In Boston for AAR...

    Looking forward to my panel tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Islam in Europe, where I will be talking about the way in which Durkheimian definitions of religion are being deployed to justify the regulation of Muslim women's practice in France.

    Even more important, I think, is the Monday morning roundtable Kathryn Reklis and I have organized, "Teaching and Scholarship as Resistance in a Post-Truth Age." Hope to see you all there!

  • Eleventh-hour ethics course

    Because of something of an emergency in my department, I have been called upon to teach ethics--starting next week. Looking forward to the challenge of adapting the material that I found interesting and provocative when I did my ethics course at Oxford 15 years ago for Columbia students. Never a dull moment!